What is a UD?

An unlawful detainer (UD) is the only legal way for a landlord to remove a tenant from their property. The process begins with serving a notice of eviction to the tenant, handed directly or posted on the door through what is called a "process server." Should the tenant not comply with the eviction notice, the next step involves filing a Complaint or Petition to the local court, thereby starting the court eviction process. 

The tenant has the option to respond with an Answer, which happens in most cases, but should there be no such reply then the landlord is within their rights to evict the tenant through the local sheriff's department. Should the case be taken to court, our attorneys are prepared to fight for your right to lawfully evict your tenant. The end result, should you prevail, is the court warranting a Writ of Possession to which you can take to your local Sheriff's Department and finalize the eviction. 

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The eviction process takes time and knowledge. Leave it to legal professionals to take care of your best interests and secure your personal property. Our attorneys have extensive experience litigating UD cases and are more than capable to ensure that you prevail in court. Call us at (626) 228-0638 for more information! 

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