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San Gabriel Valley Construction Delays Lawyer

What Happens When a Project Gets Delayed?

California law requires that every construction contract have a stated time of completion — including home improvement construction projects. What happens when the deadline is not met?

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Construction delays cost time, money and a great deal of frustration. We understand that at the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates, and our lawyers can help you determine the cause of construction delays and a fair cost or penalty.

Did the homeowner cause the construction delays?

If the owner changed the scope of the work after the contract was signed, the construction delay may well be excusable. Changes should always be documented in writing, and contractor and homeowner should agree to and sign a new agreement. If that did not happen for some reason, or if an agreement could not be reached, our construction attorneys can help you sort through the facts and examine the evidence.

Did the contractor cause the construction delays?

Did the contractor fail to start the job on time or simply fail to show up in the middle of the project? Did the work take longer because the contractor failed to plan appropriately? The contractor can be held to the contract and be required to pay a penalty and any damages.

Determining the cause and cost of construction delays can be complex. Because of our experience — attorney Edward Ip owned a construction company — we are well suited to investigate the cause, determine the cost and help the parties come to an agreement.

If an agreement is not possible, our law firm will take the dispute into a courtroom. When we know our client is right, we will fight hard for you. At the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates, you can expect straight talk and an honest evaluation of your case.

Contact us for an appointment. We offer a one-hour consultation at a reduced rate. Our construction attorneys represent clients in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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