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Real Estate Litigation

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Los Angeles Real Estate Litigation Lawyer

If you have been taken advantage of or are involved in a real estate dispute, you deserve to have experienced legal advice from an attorney who will assess the situation from your perspective.

At the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates, APC, we review your case and provide straightforward answers. We do not want you to waste your money on unwarranted claims or cases with unrealistic goals. Therefore, we provide you with the information to make smart decisions about moving forward.

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Our California Real Estate Litigation Practice

Our real estate litigation practice includes:

  • Commercial leases: We represent clients in landlord-tenant disputes involving commercial leases. These cases frequently involve a breached lease agreement, such as failure to pay rent. If you have questions about your rights in a commercial eviction or lease dispute, we can assist you.
  • Listing agreement commission claims: Our firm advises clients involved in commission dispute claims. Was the agreed upon commission augmented? Did the seller refuse to sell the property after the offer was accepted? Did the broker violate the business and professional code of conduct? Did the broker violate the fiduciary duty to his or her client? We answer our clients' questions about their rights and obligations in claims involving real estate broker commission disputes.
  • Real estate fraud/misrepresentation: Property owners are frequently taken advantage of by someone they trust. For example, you may have been asked to sign a document you thought was only granting permission to talk to your lender - when actually the document was a quitclaim deed, signing over the title of your property. Other clients have been taken advantage of by people claiming to help get them out of foreclosure - when actually, the alleged friend purchased the property under our client's nose. We help clients fight back against these types of fraudulent conduct.
  • Disclosure disputes: Property sellers are required to make disclosure of known property defects, title defects and other pertinent issues about the property so that buyers can make informed decisions when signing the buy-sell agreement. If the seller failed to disclose certain issues, we can help you hold the seller responsible.
  • Other real estate litigation: We are also capable of advising clients in boundary line disputes, land use/zoning disputes and other real estate issues in California.

If you are involved in real estate litigation in El Monte or surrounding communities, you can trust in the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip to provide straightforward answers. We focus on our clients' bottom line and ensure they are protected throughout real estate disputes.

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Our law firm represents homeowners, landlords, tenants, contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers and material suppliers. Because we have an in-depth knowledge of construction law, real estate law, and property law, we know how to find the facts, ask the right questions and get results.

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We try to work out disputes through negotiation, but we will never back down from a court fight. Our Los Angeles construction lawyers and real estate lawyers gather all the facts and then advise you about what makes the most economic sense for you.