New Homes Must Meet Construction Standards

When you buy a newly constructed home in California, you have every right under the law to expect that home to be free of construction damage. If you find construction damage, and if the contractor does not repair the damage, contact a lawyer who will stand up for your rights.

You do not need to show causation or damages.

If the home was not built according to code, that is all you, as the homeowner, need to show. You do not need to show how the construction damage happened or how much the damage cost. All you have to show is the fact that the home does not meet the building codes. The contractor must pay the cost of repairing the construction damage.

California law protects buyers of new homes.

It is disappointing to move into a newly constructed home and find out that there is construction damage. If the roof leaks or the foundation cracks, if the moisture barriers fail, or if the plumbing was improperly installed, you should not have to deal with the trouble and expense of repairing the mistakes.

California agrees. You should not have to pay. Our lawyers are ready to represent you in a construction damage claim against the builder who did not meet uniform building codes.

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