Rent Registry

Posted by Christine A. ChouSep 09, 20220 Comments

September 30th is the deadline for LA County Property owners to register their rental info! The Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates can help you navigate the new laws.

Homeowners and Contractors - General Liability Insurance

Posted by Edward C. IpMar 25, 20220 Comments

Accidents happen, and obtaining general liability insurance is a simple, yet crucial precautionary step you can take to protect yourself from being liable for large sums of money. When a property owner hires a contractor for work on their property, there is a lot of risk involved for both parties...


Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 25, 20220 Comments

Accruing high amounts of debt is common in our credit-driven world, causing many to go through undue financial stress over whether they can afford to make payments on time. The unfortunate reality is that many cannot afford to do so, opting to declare bankruptcy to settle any debts before everyth...

What Is A Transfer On Death Deed?

Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 15, 20220 Comments

A California Transfer on Death Deed (“TOD”) is an alternative to avoid probate court and costly attorney fees. This instrument has been developed to provide property owners with an efficient way to name inheritors to their property without worrying about the costly probate process. The TOD is ...


Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 15, 20220 Comments

Generally, for construction law and disputes, disgorgement is a remedy enforced by the court for a homeowner to recover damages from a contractor who engages in unlicensed contracting. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is the government entity that oversees and enforces conformity with C...

What is Estate Planning?

Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 15, 20220 Comments

Estate Planning is crucial in protecting you and your loved ones from destructive and costly battles over personal property, assets, and critical health decisions in the event of your incapacitation or death. In life, there are many unforeseen circumstances that one can prepare for by setting up ...

Grant Deed vs. Quitclaim Deed - What's the Difference?

Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 15, 20220 Comments

Oftentimes, clients coming in for their first consultation at the Law Offices of Edward Ip & Associates are unclear as to the differences between a Grant Deed and a Quitclaim Deed. The fundamental difference is that a Grant Deed ensures the grantor has a legal interest in the property, while a Qu...

What is a Boundary Line Dispute?

Posted by Edward C. IpFeb 15, 20220 Comments

Boundary line disputes often occur when neighboring property owners disagree on the extent of land they own, and whether or not one neighbor is encroaching on the other's property. However, there are many other circumstances that can lead to a boundary dispute, such as:  Driveway Encroachment:...