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Representing Both Material Suppliers and Owners

At the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates, APC, we help both material suppliers or contractors and owners with mechanic's lien matters. Whether you are a subcontractor looking to satisfy payment owed or a property owner facing a mechanic's lien claim, we can expertly represent you.

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A mechanic's lien places an obligation on the property. The property cannot be bought or sold until the mechanic's lien is satisfied. A mechanic's lien lawyer at the Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates, APC, can explain your rights as a property owner or material supplier and how to go through the steps of a mechanic's lien.

Material Suppliers and Subcontractors (Or Other Parties Without a Direct Contract With the Property Owner): Not Paid? File Your Preliminary Notice Quickly.

If you are a materials supplier or subcontractor on a construction job, and were not paid as agreed, you have the right to make a claim against the general contractor, the owner and/or the lender.

  • First, file a 20-day preliminary notice by certified mail: You must file the 20-day preliminary notice by certified mail before any other steps can be taken against the general contractor, owner or lender. Timing is important. Your preliminary notice should describe the nature of your work on the construction job and how much you are owed. If you have questions about what should be in the notice or how it should be filed, contact an attorney who has experience with mechanic's liens.
  • If you are not paid, we will file a mechanic's lien: Our lawyers can advise you at every step. We can file a lawsuit to enforce the mechanic's lien. A mechanic's lien (or materialman's lien as it is sometimes called) prevents the owner from selling the property or obtaining additional financing until you are paid.

Helping Property Owners Facing a Mechanic's Lien

Having a mechanic's lien clouding title on a property is very frustrating for property owners. This limits the owner's ability to refinance and even sell his or her property. If you are a property owner, we can help you fight mechanic's liens by material suppliers and contractors.

In addition, we will make sure all the proper paperwork is completed and also advise you in taking proactive measures, such as having the proper documentation and payment processes for suppliers and contractors. Sometimes the best measures are taking proper precautions ahead of time. Our mechanic's lien attorneys can provide experienced and knowledgeable advice on the language of these contracts and how to best protect you and your property.

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