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San Gabriel Valley Extra Work Claims Lawyer

Was Extra Work Required? Was It Paid For? Was It Done Correctly?

On nearly every construction project, there are changes. For the contractor and the subs, this almost always means extra work. When disputes arise about what the extra work was worth, both homeowners and contractors may need the help of an attorney who understands construction as well as construction law.

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The Law Offices of Edward C. Ip & Associates handles a wide range of construction disputes, including extra work claims. Because attorney Edward Ip owned his own construction company, we have that knowledge as well as a thorough knowledge of California construction law.

Extra work should always be documented in writing.

When extra work is required beyond the scope of the original contract, both sides should make sure the required extra work is in writing. That way everyone knows what is expected and no one can claim the work was unauthorized. If there is no written agreement for some reason, make sure you document the work that was done.

What were the circumstances that led to the extra work claim?

In many cases, when a dispute arises, the contractor or owner may need to reconstruct all the circumstances that led up to the extra work, what work was done, what resources were required and what would be a fair price. Conversely, the homeowner needs to ensure that the work was done correctly and up to code. If the work is not done properly, this can lead to expensive and costly repairs.

Our construction dispute lawyers can help you reconstruct the situation, find the appropriate evidence to support or deny the extra work claim and establish fair value for the work performed. We have a network of expert witnesses we can call on to help determine the fair value of extra work.

At our law firm, we deal with facts and we fight for our clients. We can help you determine the facts. We will give you straight answers about whether the extra work was authorized, what the extra work claim is worth and what action you should take. We represent construction contractors and homeowners in Los Angeles County and Orange County.

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