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Is California Ready for the Next Big Quake?

Posted by Edward Ip | Mar 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

The recent cluster of earthquake activity in Southern California is a reminder that The Big One is still out there.  Every year that goes by, increased tensions along the San Andreas Fault build, and recent research shows that human intervention may be contributing to the threat. Salton Sea poses earthquake threat to Southern California. But it's not just environmental factors that will affect the outcome of the next big quake.  New construction is bound by codes and regulations meant to improve the ability of our homes and businesses to sustain the forces of a large earthquake and come out intact.  Despite this, old structures, corner-cutting contractors, and individual design factors mean that much of Southern California is still at risk. In my next post, we'll discuss some of the legal and technical concerns that affect California's earthquake readiness.

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