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Estate Litigation

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El Monte Estate Litigation and Will Contest Lawyer

Losing a family member is hard, but when their will defies logic or fairness or both, the estate litigation attorneys at the law firm of Edward C. Ip help individuals and families in will contests.

Based in El Monte, California, our law firm provides compassionate legal counsel and experienced estate litigation services to families and individuals who need an estate litigation attorney to resolve contested wills.

Will Contests

If you lost a family member and lost further pride in not being named as a rightful heir in their will, our estate litigation attorneys will represent your rights in a will contest. We handle cases in which our clients have reason to believe that a third party had undue influence on the deceased. We also handle will contest cases in which an heir has reason to believe the terms of a will were improperly misstated due to lack of mental competence.

As your estate litigation lawyer, we will first focus on attempting to settle your case through less combative means, such as settlement or mediation. We counsel our clients that going to court will not always resolve a problem, and sometimes an alternate means of dispute resolution is a more reasonable and practical alternative to estate litigation.

Courts, like lawyers, cannot solve every problem. We choose our cases carefully as estate litigation attorneys, and we counsel our clients to likewise pick their battles just as selectively. Our lawyers help our clients make sense of their situation before jumping into a court case that may or may not serve their ultimate interests.

When we choose to pursue estate litigation, we do so as a strong and united front in court. Estate litigation attorney and firm founder Edward C. Ip seeks the truth in each case through tireless fact finding and in establishing what is right, what can be proven, and what we believe is best for our clients.

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